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Yes we accept Donations : For Rescue & Education 

Through out the year we need donations of all kinds . With rising feed prices and more people unable to keep animals we take in all we can to re-home but, There are so many we turn away more than we take in . This is where you come in. If you can give just one dollar it will help feed more animals . You can also donate feed and supply's This is a huge help as well . We also need people to help with care and upkeep so time is very valuable to us as well .You can volunteer on the farm to help with animals our education programs or with the gardens . You can use these hours to pay for your CO-OP membership as well . To continue to offer the programs we do we need the support of the community to help offset the cost so we can befit everyone regardless of there ability to pay fees for classes . Become a friend of the farm with a donation and receive discounts and free tours all year . Or become a volunteer and part of the CO-OP with discounts and specials all year. We accept donations of all kinds not just money . When you are taking some thing to the dump think about how we may be able to use it and donate it. You never know what something can be re-used for. Help us help you with fresh local grown veggies as well as taking care of neglected pets and livestock Come and visit and see what one dollar can do!        




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Things we need:

FENCE SUPPLY'S :      T-posts wire fencing 2x4s 2x6s 4x4s gates chicken wire clips 

EQUIPMENT:                Riding lawnmowers push lawnmowers hand tools of all kinds trimmers ect.

FEED:                                Horse,rabbit,chicken,goat,dog,cat,and pig.

IN THE GARDEN:         Planters,tools,seed,seed trays,pvc pipe,hoses,fittings, and plastic buckets  

FOR THE ANIMALS : Blankets saddles brushes buckets feed dishes feed storage bins and hay 

         ALL CASH DONATIONS CAN BE MADE TO CAMBRIDGE FARMS 3200 De Loach La. Milton Fl. 32570