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There are three levels of membership .Each level offers a different amount of involvement in the CO-OP With a different amount of benefits . Basic members will get discounts on livestock, produce as well as classes and free tours . You will be required to volunteer (6) hours for the season this could be cleaning pens , planting , weeding , picking, marketing or event staff. A vendor member will receive a 10x10 space for the season ( you must bring your own table and cover )  . You will not be required to volunteer hours. but should be involved in marketing . A partner member should be someone that want's to be more involved with week to week operation of the co-op and farm. This requires more hours of volunteering and a greater commitment to the co-op.You will have all the benefits of the other two but will also have a 10x12 garden space that you can grow your own garden . You can keep some of what you grow and sell some at the market it's up to you . As a partner you can be more involved in event planing as well as put on events . Think about what level will fit your needs and join. 



Basic membership: 65.00 for the season  you will receive discounts on classes and produce as well as free tours. You can also join with (20) hours of work with no money.  

Vendor membership: 30.00 for the season (0) hours 10x10 space to set up plus discounts.

Partner membership : 75.00 for the season + 6 hours a month every thing included in both above plus garden space and hands on guidance for growing your own produce .The produce that you grow you can keep or sell some of it at the market . 

 Payments can be made at {Donations } with Pay Pal .Just click "Donation" then put Co-op in the comment line with you e-mail 


I'll try to cover everything but if you don't see something call. 

Homemade goods : pies bread muffins jams ect.

Handmade arts and crafts : Nothing that was bought from a store things you make (birdhouses, benches, pottery,clothing,ect.)

Antiques : Not reproductions or yard sale stuff...

Art : Paintings, photography, sculptures, recycled art ect.

Farm equipment and tools.

Books and informational material.   

Produce : It must be marked all natural or chemically grown We will inspect where it comes from and want to see your farm.    

Livestock: we will not sell chickens or other animals due to the problems we had at other markets with the wellness of animals being sold . We do not want to expose our birds and livestock to that. But we will have our animals for sale when we have them .We hatch in the spring and late summer and goats are born in the spring.